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UV Protected 3D Embossed Woodgrain External Co-Decorative Panel Wpc Wall Cladding Composite Wall Panel 

Bammax WPC composite wall cladding is an ideal alternative to traditional hardwood board. It is both ideal for commercial and residential, home and garden, landscaping.WPC composite wall cladding is made from  wood fibers and reclaimed plastic, so there is non-hazardous chemical additives and the process is sustainable and eco-friendly. Bammax WPC composite wall cladding is to improve your outdoor lifestyle.

Features and Options

(a) Composite wall cladding is waterproof, fire retardant, UV resistant, anti-slip, maintenance free and durable.

(b) Its profiles, lengths, colors, surface treatments are adjustable.

(c) It's easy to install and cost efficient.

(d) Since the raw materials are recycled, the product itself is eco-friendly.

  • Warranty

    Warrantied by up to 25 years.

  • Technical Information

    WPC is short for Wood Plastic Composite. The combination of the raw materials are mostly 30% recycled plastic (HDPE) and 60% wood powder, plus 10% additives such as anti-UV agent, lubricant, light stabilizer and etc.

    (a) Mix raw materials according to certain formula, then make them into pellets.

    (b)By extrusion machine and mold, shape the products in customized profile and size.

    (c)Do surface treatment such as sanding or embossing, then cut the WPC cladding by requested length before package.
  • FAQs
    What is the lead time?

    If the deck tiles you request are in stock, we can ship them immediately from Shanghai Port and the delivery time is depends on your receiving harbor location. If not, the lead times of material depend on product line and manufacturing for costumer's specific requirements. Normally, the lead time is about 21 days.

    What is regular size?

    The regular size of panel boards is about 1500mm*1800mm.

    How many colors can you provide?

    We can provide 8 basic colors: brown, white, grey, black, teak, dark grey, oak and light grey. We can also make our products with other colors as long as you send the color sample to us.

    What is co-extrusion?

    Simplely, it is a HDPE outlayer that surrounding the core material. It is designed to enhance the performance of BAMMAX products, such like performances of fire-resistance, waterproof, and anti-scratch. Indeed, the BAMMAX co-extrusion products has stronger performance than classic one in all fields.

    What are the benefits of BAMMAX composite cladding?

    BAMMAX composite cladding needs far less maintenance. The plastic content means that the boards are resistant to rot, damp and insects. It also never needs to be sealed, stained or painted and boards won't warp or crack. On top of this, composite wood cladding has a longer lifespan and is, overall, a great alternative cladding option.