WPC (WPC) materials essential for the outdoors

Cutting and drilling

  • 1) it is recommended to use alloy saw blade and drill bits . TipsLean tooth blade (for example, diameter 45 cm ,18-24 teeth) cutting easier.

  • 2) Matson profile is very easy to use, and wood are different profiles when using the Matson timber lines you do not take into account the direction of, or nodes.

  • 3) When the drilling large or deep holes, you should exit drills regularly in order to bring out the debris, do not always want to drill into a one-off.


1) Under normal circumstances, the WPC profiles required during installation joist span 30-50 cm (depending on the size of the profile). 2) Since the power screw durability, to install the WPC profile of choice. 3) Using a dedicated installation screws must be pre-drilling. Pre-drill diameter should be less than straight nail or screw diameter of 3 / 4. 4) When the profile is greater than the width of 10mm, each end office should be two screws. TipsIn particular, the use of the environment or abnormal load conditions - such as hot water baths - installation may require a shorter distance.

Storage, Transportation and Stacking

1) Compared with wood, plastic-wood profile wood than the major and toughness is not well, and use caution when. When lifting a similar size and wood Matson profiles, you may have to take some effort, and pay attention to split off. 2) On site storage, they must be placed flat on the ground. 3) When the stacking profiles, the joist should be sensational at both ends of the adjacent two joist center distance is not greater than 60 cm, joist sections should be aligned vertically. 4) Plastic-wood materials in outdoor stacking bundles packaged when the whole is good, flat stacked, to prevent deformation of the sun prolonged sun exposure. 5) Due to the friction coefficient of plastic-wood hardwood flooring is not high, therefore, when the removal can not be checked at the WPC board in order to damage the floor surface.


Taking into account drainage, cleaning and minor thermal expansion, contraction and other reasons, the WPC installation profiles, side-to-edge, head-to-head must reserve the right gap between the Edge-to-side: The WPC profiles between the edge-to-side requests 4mm: When the weather is cold, when installed, clearance required 4mm. Head to head: WPC Profile head to head the size of gap between the profiles depends on the length of the installation of the temperature profile of the thermal expansion coefficient ( 0.9 10-4), as well as local potential maximum temperature.

Installation instructions

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